Film & Video

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Tell compelling visual stories. Find your voice.

The film and video program at Pacific is experiential, exciting and rewarding. You will dive in right away to start learning a combination of practical and analytical skills. We learn by engaging in hands-on, collaborative production; critical thinking and analysis; and exploring the history of the medium. Students develop their unique storytelling voice by being exposed to different modes of filmmaking. Would you like to make documentaries? Narratives? Experimental film? Animation? Screenwriting? Wherever your passion leads you we offer an opportunity to grow and collaborate.

In addition, you can explore the other programs in the Media Arts Department: Graphic Design, Journalism, and Speech and Communications. 

Learn from experienced professors, and benefit from the proximity to Portland, a city with a robust fim scene, several film festivals and a strong film community.

Interested in study abroad? The Film/Video major allows the flexibility for you to pursue the Pacific sponsored study abroad program of your choice. Many students choose to study at York St. John University in York, England which has a robust film program. Short term travel courses are also an option and the Film/Video program hosts one such course to the Sundance Film Festival.’

Other opportunities to engage in experiential learning include participating in the Gateway Film Festival, a student-run festival; produce videos for non-profit organizations as a form of Civic Engagement, earn money working for the Media Arts Production Services (MAPS); and/or complete an internship.

Once you graduate, you will become part of our alumni network. Our students are employed at LAIKA, House Special, Apple, The Seattle Seahawks, the Portland Trail Blazers, Willamette Dental, among other productions and production companies. If graduate school is your next step, students have continued that studies at Chapman University in California, Columbia College in Seattle, and Loyola Marymount to name a few. Students’ films have also won awards at nationally recognized film festivals, including the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, the Oregon Independent Film Festival, the Oregon International Film Awards and Festival Angaelica.


Julie Abrigonde '23

“It turned into the most meaningful project I have produced,” said Pacific University student filmmaker Josh Joireman ’23.

Melissa Lowery in a scene from Black Girl in Suburbia

Melissa Lowery has taken some of the lessons of her film, Black Girl in Suburbia, and applied them to her own life.

Patrick Lagier '19 was featured in an interview on a film website.