Learning Outcomes | Film and Video

After Pacific | Our graduates are film, TV and digital media producers, documentary filmmakers, videographers, editors, production assistants and multimedia managers.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe key terms, concepts, major trends and periods related to various modes of production (narrative, documentary, experimental, and/or animation), film history, and theory.
  • Demonstrate skills necessary to effectively collaborate and communicate on video project productions including working in groups and engaging with peers and professors.
  • Demonstrate skills required to create quality media productions including skills in story development, producing, cinematography, editing, and audio production/post production.
  • Demonstrate ability to create a working production schedule that allows time for the iterative process to incorporate feedback and critical reflection.
  • Express a critical understanding of the contextual factors that shape the message in a film or video for a diverse audience.

Program Purpose

The media arts department enables students to become creative media makers and critical thinkers. Students are encouraged to create media as self-expression to engage with the world around them, to foster inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue; and to reflect on social issues.