Study the sciences of human movement.

Students in the kinesiology program (previously known as exercise science) are taught by faculty members from diverse disciplines and gain hands-on experience. They have access to a cadaver-dissection laboratory and an array of instrumentation to support research and instruction in the physiological, biomechanical and psychomotor domains.

Students interact closely with our faculty, particularly during the design and implementation of capstone projects.

“I’ve always wanted to go into a career where I can help others. And I’ve been playing sports for most of my life. Being an athletic trainer and helping people in that way has always been pretty appealing to me.”

— Maddie Boehringer '25

Pacific University kinesiology major Maddie Boehringer '25

Health Professions Preparation

Pacific kinesiology majors also benefit from our strong ties to leading health professions programs at Pacific and beyond, including a 3:2 pathway to a master’s degree in athletic training from the College of Health Professions.

Our graduates of our kinesiology program are critical, articulate and thoughtful problem solvers with deep research skills. They are prepared for a wide variety of graduate studies and employment opportunities.


Chairs in the Pacific University athletic training clinic space
Get a head start on your athletic training career with Pacific University's 3:2 pathway to athletic training. Well qualified students majoring in kinesiology can apply for Pacific's highly competitive master of science in athletic training during their junior year. Those who are accepted take specific coursework as seniors that counts both toward their undergraduate degree and their first year of athletic training school. Learn more



Kathryn Dolphin teaches courses in the kinesiology, sport leadership and management, and philosophy programs at Pacific University. She currently serves as the faculty chair of the College of Arts & Sciences and has been a dedicated member of the Institutional Review Board and the faculty advisor for a number of student organizations.

Dr. Bhalla is chair of the Kinesiology Department and serves as the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fellow for the College of Arts & Sciences. She teaches a variety of courses centered on the psychosocial aspects of physical activity and sport, and her teaching supports the allied fields of gender & sexuality studies and disability studies.

Stoller gym workout

Last call for Boxer Boot Camp 2023. Faculty and staff are paired with their own personal student trainer and a nutritional assistant as part of this 11-week program. Register by Friday, Feb. 10, for this free class!