Emergency Operations - Response Plans

Available plans and guidance documents will be published here.  Some information is only accessible to internal stakeholders. If you are unable to access a document or you are looking for a plan not listed here, please email Amy Rasmussen.

Available Plans

Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is the framework for an all-hazards approach to preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. Hazard specific actions, roles and responsibilities are provided in the supporting annex documents.

Incident Annexes
(These are response plans specific to a particular hazard.)

IA-1: Inclement Weather 

IA-11 Flooding and Excessive Water  

Plans in development:
IA-2 Communicable Disease
IA-3 Active Threat
IA-4 Cyber Attack
IA-5 Earthquake
IA-6 Civil Unrest
IA-7 Hazardous Materials
IA-8 Fire
IA-9 Bomb Threat/Explosion

Functional Annexes
(These are response plans specific to a particular action that is taken during an activation event.)

FA-7 Animal Welfare
     FA-7 Supplement: Site Specific Plan

Plans in development:
FA-1 Evacuation
FA-2 Sheltering
FA-3 Mass Casualty
FA-4 Reunification
FA-5 Lockdown
FA-6 Emergency Communications
FA-8 Recovery
FA-9 Damage Assessment
FA-10 Mutual Aid Request-NIMAA
FA-11 Crowd Management

If you would like to participate in the development of plans as a stakeholder, please contact Amy Rasmussen.

Other Policies and Procedures

Fire Safety, General Safety and Emergency Response

Additions to the Clery Student Right to Know Act, in 2010, require that universities post their policies and procedures for fire safety in residence halls, as well as General Safety and Emergency Response procedures. These policies are available to download as a PDF—feel free to review the procedures here at Pacific University.