Emergency Operations - Response Plans

Available plans and guidance documents will be published here.  Some information is only accessible to internal stakeholders. If you are unable to access a document or you are looking for a plan not listed here, please email Amy Rasmussen.

Available Plans

Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is the framework for an all-hazards approach to preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. Hazard specific actions, roles and responsibilities are provided in the supporting annex documents.

Incident Annexes
(These are response plans specific to a particular hazard.)

IA-1: Inclement Weather 

IA-11 Flooding and Excessive Water  

Plans in development:
IA-2 Communicable Disease
IA-3 Active Threat
IA-4 Cyber Attack
IA-5 Earthquake
IA-6 Civil Unrest
IA-7 Hazardous Materials
IA-8 Fire
IA-9 Bomb Threat/Explosion

Functional Annexes
(These are response plans specific to a particular action that is taken during an activation event.)

FA-7 Animal Welfare
     FA-7 Supplement: Site Specific Plan

Plans in development:
FA-1 Evacuation
FA-2 Sheltering
FA-3 Mass Casualty
FA-4 Reunification
FA-5 Lockdown
FA-6 Emergency Communications
FA-8 Recovery
FA-9 Damage Assessment
FA-10 Mutual Aid Request-NIMAA
FA-11 Crowd Management

If you would like to participate in the development of plans as a stakeholder, please contact Amy Rasmussen.