Building Safety Program

Report a Safety Concern

Building Emergency Response Teams (BERTs)

Evacuation Routes and Maps

Building Safety Inspections

Safety Bulletin Boards

The safety boards around campus are being updated with a new and improved poster format that is more accessible and sustainable.

You can also print your own Safety Poster for your areas. 

Reporting Safety Concerns


If you have a general facilities request or maintenance concern please contact the Facilities Management. Facilities staff is on campus Monday-Fridays, from 7am-3:30pm.

If you have any questions, please call 503-352-2213.

For EMERGENCIES, please call CPS at 503-352-2230 (FG Campus) 503-352-7207 (HPC Campus).

Building Hazards/Workplace Hazards

If you are concerned about the safety or condition of a particular facility or space and it is NOT an emergency situation you may submit a concern to the Building Safety Program using the QR code below.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not create a work order for Facilities and is not intended to be a maintenance or repair request.

When you submit a concern using the QR code it will be sent to the Office of Business Continuity and Emergency Management (BCEM). This office works with the Health and Safety Advisory Committee (HSAC) to conduct workplace and building safety inspections.

If you believe there is imminent danger due to the hazard, please call CPS at 503-352-2230 (FG Campus) 503-352-7207 (HPC Campus).

Digital QR code to access the reporting website

Accident/Injury Reporting

All accident and injuries should be reported to your supervisors and to Campus Public Safety (CPS) via the appropriate form.

The reporting forms can be found on the CPS Policies and Forms website.


Be a BERT - Help Wanted!

Are you interested in volunteering as a safety representative for your building?
Would you like to learn more about safety and personal preparedness?

How to get started:

  1. Complete the BERT Member Interest Survey.
  2. Review the draft Building Emergency Response Team (BERT) Plan.


Evacuation Routes and Maps

Forest Grove Campus - Evacuation maps by building and floor

Hillsboro Campus - Evacuation maps by building and floor

Evacuation Assembly Areas

Building Safety Inspections

Quarterly safety inspections are conducted by trained inspectors who have completed the required Hazard Identification and Safety training from the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  The inspections reports are available to the university community.  

Building Inspection Reports

Additional and more frequent inspections can be requested for areas new or reoccurring hazards have been documented.