Evacuation Assembly Areas | Emergency Procedures

There are five areas that have been identified for campus evacuations: Gilbert Hall Parking Lot (Lot K), Hanson Stadium Parking Lot (Lot M), Holce Tennis Court Parking Lot and Cascade Lawn (Lot E), Knight Hall Parking Lot (Lot I) and Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Parking Lot (Lot C).

Building designation of those assembly areas as follows.

Gilbert Hall Parking Lot K

  • Vandervelden Court Apartments
  • Burlingham Hall
  • Gilbert Hall

Hanson Stadium Parking Lot M

  • Facilities Complex
  • Stoller Center
  • Hanson Stadium | Baseball and Softball Stadium
  • 2410 University Avenue
  • 2415 Main Street

Holce Tennis Court Parking Lot E and Cascade Hall Lawn

  • Clark Hall
  • Walter Hall
  • McCormick Hall
  • Price Hall
  • Strain Science Center
  • Abbott Center
  • University Center/ Washburne Hall
  • Cascade Hall
  • Holce Tennis
  • Greenhouse


Hillsboro Campus

  • Creighton Hall and ITF occupants: go to student parking lot at 8th and Washington
  • Building 2 occupants: go to church parking lot at 8th and Lincoln
  • Tuality Medical Plaza occupants: go to parking lot at 6th and Baseline

Knight Hall Parking Lot I

  • Scott Hall
  • Rogers Building
  • Drake House
  • Duniway House
  •  Knight Hall | Admissions
  • Walter Annex
  • Chapman Hall
  • World Languages House
  • 2223 Main Street
  • Frye Building | Human Resources
  • Bates House
  • Media Arts
  • Creamery Building | Milky Way
  • Health Center


Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Parking Lot C

  • Jefferson Hall
  • Warner Hall
  • Brown Hall
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Marsh Hall
  • Murdock Hall
  • Berglund Hall
  • Library
  • Old College Hall
  • Taylor-Meade Performing Arts


Do not leave from the assembly area until authorized personnel have given you the all-clear notification to return to the building. It is crucial that everyone be accounted for should the incident require search and rescue operations.