Evacuation Assembly Areas | Emergency Procedures

There are five areas that have been identified for campus evacuations: Gilbert Hall Parking Lot (Lot K), Hanson Stadium Parking Lot (Lot M), Holce Tennis Court Parking Lot and Cascade Lawn (Lot E), Knight Hall Parking Lot (Lot I) and Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Parking Lot (Lot C).

Building designation of those assembly areas as follows.

Gilbert Hall Parking Lot K

  • Vandervelden Court Apartments
  • Burlingham Hall
  • Gilbert Hall

Hanson Stadium Parking Lot M

  • Facilities Complex
  • Stoller Center
  • Hanson Stadium | Baseball and Softball Stadium
  • 2410 University Avenue
  • 2415 Main Street

Holce Tennis Court Parking Lot E and Cascade Hall Lawn

  • Clark Hall
  • Walter Hall
  • McCormick Hall
  • Price Hall
  • Strain Science Center
  • Abbott Center
  • University Center/ Washburne Hall
  • Cascade Hall
  • Holce Tennis
  • Greenhouse


Hillsboro Campus

  • Creighton Hall and ITF occupants: go to student parking lot at 8th and Washington
  • Building 2 occupants: go to church parking lot at 8th and Lincoln
  • Tuality Medical Plaza occupants: go to parking lot at 6th and Baseline
  • Tuality Professional Plaza (TPP) occupants: go to parking lot at corner of 7th and Oak

Knight Hall Parking Lot I

  • Pacific Hall
  • Rogers Building
  • Drake House
  • Duniway House
  •  Knight Hall | Admissions
  • Walter Annex
  • Chapman Hall
  • World Languages House
  • 2223 Main Street
  • Frye Building | Human Resources
  • Bates House
  • Media Arts
  • Creamery Building | Milky Way
  • Health Center


Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Parking Lot C

  • Jefferson Hall
  • Warner Hall
  • Brown Hall
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Marsh Hall
  • Murdock Hall
  • Berglund Hall
  • Library
  • Old College Hall
  • Taylor-Meade Performing Arts


Do not leave from the assembly area until authorized personnel have given you the all-clear notification to return to the building. It is crucial that everyone be accounted for should the incident require search and rescue operations.

Contact Us

CPS Officers are on duty 24-hours a day. In case of an emergency, call 911 and then contact CPS.

Campus Public Safety
503-352-2230 (Forest Grove) | 503-352-7207 (Hillsboro)