Hazardous Materials | Emergency Procedures

Hazardous Materials

  • If in a building, evacuate immediately
  • Confine the hazardous material by closing doors and windows as you exit
  • If outside, keep others from entering or approaching within 500 feet of the hazardous material
  • Notify 911 immediately, then call CPS
  • Do not leave the assembly area until released by CPS or emergency personnel
  • Do not stand downwind from a spill or other hazardous material

Utility Failure

  • Notify Facilities Management at ext. 2213
  • After hours or if unable to contact Facilities Management, call CPS
  • Turn off electrical equipment and do not reactivate it until power has been completely restored or you are advised to do so
  • For plumbing, flooding, gas leaks or ventilation problems, notify Facilities Management or CPS, evacuate the area, and do not allow others to enter until assistance arrives


Contact Us

CPS Officers are on duty 24-hours a day. In case of an emergency, call 911 and then contact CPS.

Campus Public Safety
503-352-2230 (Forest Grove) | 503-352-7207 (Hillsboro)