Hazardous Materials | Emergency Procedures

Hazardous Materials

  • If in a building, evacuate immediately
  • Confine the hazardous material by closing doors and windows as you exit
  • If outside, keep others from entering or approaching within 500 feet of the hazardous material
  • Notify 911 immediately, then call CPS
  • Do not leave the assembly area until released by CPS or emergency personnel
  • Do not stand downwind from a spill or other hazardous material

Utility Failure

  • Notify Facilities Management at ext. 2213
  • After hours or if unable to contact Facilities Management, call CPS
  • Turn off electrical equipment and do not reactivate it until power has been completely restored or you are advised to do so
  • For plumbing, flooding, gas leaks or ventilation problems, notify Facilities Management or CPS, evacuate the area, and do not allow others to enter until assistance arrives