Suspicious Parcels | Emergency Procedures

Suspicious Package or Letter Characteristics

  • Carrier–delivered; lumpy, bulging, has protrusions, lopsided, heavy sided
  • Suspicious company, especially if address or label is handwritten
  • Package wrapped with string or twine
  • Excess postage on small packages or letters
  • Any foreign writing, addresses or postage
  • Handwritten notes such as “To be opened in the privacy of” “Confidential” “Your lucky day is here” or “Prize enclosed”
  • Improper spelling of common names, places or titles
  • Generic or incorrect titles
  • Leaks, stains or protruding wires, string, tape, etc.
  • Hand-delivered
  • No return address or nonsensical return address
  • Any letter or package arriving before or after a phone call from an unknown person asking if the item was received

Possible Bomb

If you suspect an item delivered to campus may be a bomb, and you have other indicators (e.g. a received bomb threat), please follow these steps.

  • Do not move the item
  • Calmly notify others in the immediate area and evacuate
  • If there is fire alarm pull station in your area, do not activate it
  • Call 911
    • Clearly state the type of emergency to the dispatcher
    • Clearly state the location of the suspicious package or letter and your name, location and telephone number
    • Do not hang up until told to do so
    • Call CPS and let them know 911 has been called and emergency personnel are en route
    • Campus Public Safety will facilitate an evacuation of the building with assistance
    • Go to the designated assembly area for your building
    • Return to the area will be allowed only after there is an all-clear notification through CPS and/or building safety managers


Contact Us

CPS Officers are on duty 24-hours a day. In case of an emergency, call 911 and then contact CPS.

Campus Public Safety
503-352-2230 (Forest Grove) | 503-352-7207 (Hillsboro)