Active Shooters Procedures | Emergency Procedures

Classroom, Residence Hall Room or Office

  • Stay where you are and remain quiet
  • Lock the door, cover windows, turn off lights & silence phones
  • Spread out and take cover
  • If the door does not lock, attempt to barricade the door with heavy objects

Hallway, Corridor, Auditorium, Dining Hall, Residence Hall Common Area or other Location with Numerous People Gathered

  • Quickly attempt to gain access to a room
  • If unable to gain access to a room get inside & secure yourself
  • If unable to get to a secure location find the nearest exit and get out of the building
  • When outside find the fastest way off campus and take cover

Confronted by Gunman

Be aware of your surroundings. If you find something that could assist if a gunman started attacking, be sure you know how to use it. Be aware that attacking the gunman is the most dangerous option and is a last resort.

If the gunman enters the room and confronts you, consider the following options.

  • Listen; do not do anything to provoke or alarm the gunman
  • Put your arms up so that you do not present a threat to the gunman
  • Do what you feel is necessary to help save your life and the lives of others

If the gunman starts shooting, consider the following options.

  • Stay where you are and take cover where possible
  • Run to the nearest exit in a zigzag pattern
  • As a last resort, you could decide to attack the gunman
  • A gunman will most likely not expect to be attacked by a person or persons when entering a room
  • Any choice that you make may end with some negative consequences

When Police Arrive

  • Do not make sudden moves or actions
  • Remain calm; put your hands up so that the officers can see your hands and they know you are not a threat to them
  • Be ready to share information
  • Do not leave until given the all-clear by a police officer, CPS or building safety manager
  • If there are no police cars near you, find the closest and safest route away from the building and get to a location where you can find cover
  • The response of the police department is to neutralize the gunman first. That means that they will not have time to help you or even help someone who is wounded.

Contact and Communication Information

  • Call 911
  • Call Campus Public Safety
  • Boxer Alerts text and email messages are sent out
  • University website, specifically MyPacific pages
  • University social media channels


Contact Us

CPS Officers are on duty 24-hours a day. In case of an emergency, call 911 and then contact CPS.

Campus Public Safety
503-352-2230 (Forest Grove) | 503-352-7207 (Hillsboro)