Lockdown | Emergency Procedures

In the event of an imminent threat to public safety, such as an active shooter or other threat of violence, one or more buildings at a university campus may be placed on lockdown.  

What to Do

Pacific University communicates lockdowns in real-time through an emergency mobile device text message known as a Boxer Alert. If you receive a lockdown message, immediately do the following:

  • Find a secure room or other place to hide, ideally one that that is well-hidden and well-protected. If possible, avoid places that restrict movement.
  • Close and lock the door – if the door does not lock, try to barricade the door with heavy objects.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Draw any shades or blinds.
  • Silence your cell phone and any other devices that make noise (e.g. TV, radio, etc.).
  • Get out of sight (e.g. under a desk, in a closet, etc.) and not be visible from the outside through windows.
  • Remain quiet.
  • If there are multiple people in the room, spread out if possible. This will enable those in the room to engage an intruder if necessary.
  • Call 9-1-1 (or text where available) if you can safely do so.
  • Stay in place until given an all clear by law enforcement personnel or drill administrators.

In the event of an imminent threat such as an active shooter, individuals are encouraged to get out to a safer place. These resource materials provide more information on what to do in a real emergency with an imminent threat. The three action steps highlighted in the materials are:

  • Run
  • Hide
  • Fight

Preparatory Drills

To better prepare students and employees for a lockdown scenario, Pacific University annually conducts lockdown drill exercises at all campuses to simulate a real situation. Each drill lasts approximately 5 to 10 minutes. The lockdown exercises are intended to practice the "Hide" action step referenced above.

No one is allowed to enter or exit a building while a drill is underway, except staff administering the drills. Assigned administrative teams will quickly walk through the building and check doors. As drills occur, the start and end times of some classes may be impacted, and students may be delayed getting from one class to another as a result. 

After an entire building has been checked, an "All Clear" announcement will be made, and participants can resume normal schedules and activities.

Emergency Procedures

Information on all Pacific University Emergency Procedures is available here.