Support at Pacific

For all Pacific University students and employees, is a central place to report concerns about personal safety, sexual misconduct, harassment, bias or other matters.

If there is an immediate emergency, please call 911

Confidential Reporting Options

Public CARE Report

Students, staff, faculty or others who are concerned about a student are encouraged to report the concern. A student of concern is any student who displays behaviors that may interfere with his/her or others' ability to be successful and function well in the living, learning or work environment. These can include mental and physical health, academics, finances, substance abuse, crime victims or social and emotional well-being.


Advocacy Request Form

If you have had an unwanted or confusing sexual experience, experienced interpersonal violence or are concerned about your relationship, Campus Wellness provides confidential advocacy. Advocates can help you process your experience, connect you to resources and explain your options for reporting. To meet with an advocate fill out the form. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours to set up a meeting.


Bias Incident Report Form

A bias incident is an act of discrimination, harassment, or intimidation based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, economic background, age, physical and mental health or ability, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status, or religious practice that is directed at a member or group within the Pacific University community. A bias incident can happen whether the act is intentional or unintentional.


Sexual Misconduct Reporting

If you think you have experienced an unwanted sexual experience or have had any kind of unwanted sexual contact, you are not alone and it is not your fault. All Pacific University students, employees, affiliates and visitors are protected by Title IX, a federal law that expressly prohibits all forms of sex discrimination, which include sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence.



Whether you are seeking support for yourself, for a friend, or for your student, these links can help you find the information you are seeking, regardless of program or location.

Student Resources

Report a concern about a student
Sexual assault and harassment
Relationship concerns
Bias incidents
Drug and alcohol
Mental health and counseling
Emergency situations
Other university offices and resources

If you cannot find the information you need here, please contact the office for the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (503-352-2212) or the Dean of Students Office (503-352-2254) to be connected with the services you need.

Report a Student Concern

If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, please dial 911.

Students, staff, faculty or others who are concerned about a student's behavior are encouraged to report the concern to the Students of Concern Consultation Team (SCCT) via the Dean of Students' office. To do this, please call 503-352-2078.

A student of concern is any student who displays behaviors that may interfere with the student's or others' ability to be successful and function well in the living, learning or work environment. Some examples of concerning behaviors may include but are not limited to:

  • Disruptive behaviors in the classroom
  • Threatening words or actions toward faculty, student or staff
  • Online posting in social media or journals that are threatening
  • Unexplained and extreme aggression toward others
  • Projects or papers that convey clear intentions to harm self or others
  • Observed self-injurious behavior, such as extreme thinness, burns or cuts
  • Suicidality, including threats, gestures, ideation and known attempts of suicide
  • Relationship violence
  • Stalking
  • Aggressive acts toward an identified group
  • Students with weapons or infatuation with fire, firearms, bombs, ammunition or weaponry
  • Students who concern faculty in vague or general ways
  • Paranoia or delusions by a student that he/she is being targeted
  • Flat affect or extreme lack of responsiveness
  • Excessive class absenteeism
  • Uncharacteristic poor academic performance
  • Substance abuse or being under the influence of illicit drugs

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Sexual Assault & Harassment

Sexual Misconduct is a broad term used to encompass unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that is prohibited by Title IX and Pacific University. The term Sexual Misconduct includes (but is not limited to) behaviors often described as sexual harassment, sex/gender discrimination, sexual assault, sexual violence, rape, stalking, and relationship violence (including domestic and dating violence). This also includes harassment that targets a student based on gender identity, transgender identity, or gender transition.

Title IX law expressly prohibits all forms of sex discrimination, which include sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence.

Contact the Title IX Coordinator:  503-352-2924 | Mark Ankeny, Student Affairs | Marsh Hall, room 114

Learn more about Title IX »

Immediate & Ongoing Assistance

If you think you or someone you know have had an unwanted sexual experience or have had any kind of unwanted sexual contact, you are not alone and it is not your fault.

There are many options for immediate and ongoing assistance.

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Discuss Options

503-352-2273 | Campus Wellness Coordinator (Confidential resource)

Call for Counseling

503-352-2191 | Student Counseling Center (Confidential resource)



Reporting Sexual Misconduct

We encourages students who have experienced sexual misconduct to talk to somebody about what happened so that they can get the support needed.

There are several options for reporting sexual misconduct at Pacific University. The University recognizes that choosing to report misconduct can be difficult and will support any student through this process. Reports of misconduct to the University will be handled in a timely manner. When there is a documented violation of Title IX, prompt remedies will be provided.

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Discuss Reporting Options

503-352-2273 | Campus Wellness Coordinator (Confidential resource)

Report to the Police

Non-emergency: 503-629-0111, emergency: 911 | Forest Grove Police Department

Non-emergency: 503-629-0111, emergency: 911 | Hillsboro Police Department

Non-emergency: 541-682-5111, emergency: 911 | Eugene Police Department

Non-emergency: 503-982-2345, emergency: 911 | Woodburn Police Department

Non-emergency: 503-823-3333, emergency: 911 | Portland Police Department

File a Disciplinary Complaint

503-352-2045 | Director of Student Conduct

Information for Sexual Assault Survivors  »
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Facts about Sexual Assault | How to Help a Friend | Off-Campus Resources | On-Campus Resources | Sexual Violence

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures »
Staff & Faculty Student Concern Response Guide (pdf)

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Relationship Concerns

If you are worried about your relationship, there are supportive resources available for students at any campus. You can contact Campus Wellness (503-352-2273) or the Counseling Center (503-352-2191) to confidentially discuss your relationship concerns. Additionally, we encourage you to review the options in the Sexual Assault and Harassment section above for more options.

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Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes

If there is an immediate emergency, please call 911. 

A Bias Incident is actions that are motivated by prejudice or hate, but may not meet the necessary elements required to be a crime. This includes any act, including conduct, speech, or expression, in which biased motive is a clear contributing factor. A Hate Crime is any criminal act in which biased motive is a clear contributing factor.

Report a Bias Incident or Hate Crime

Pacific University encourages all members of the campus community who have witnessed or experienced bias to report the incident to the Dean of Students Office (503-352-2254) or Campus Public Safety (Forest Grove: 503-352-2230; Hillsboro; 503-352-7207).

Prompt response will be made and reports will be directed to the appropriate recipients (dean, vice president, director of Human Resources, etc.) to handle according to existing university policies and procedures.

Report to the Police

Pacific University encourages any hate crimes to also be reported to the police in the town where the incident occurred. In an emergency, call 911

Forest Grove Police | 503-629-0111

Hillsboro Police | 503-629-0111

Eugene Police | 541-682-5111

Woodburn Police | 503-982-2345

Portland Police | 503-823-3333

Get Support

Individuals affected by a bias incident or hate crime might find it helpful to talk with a therapist from our Student Counseling Center.

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Mental Health and Counseling

Immediate and Ongoing Assistance | Pacific University encourages students to seek support if they are struggling with emotional or personal stress or experiencing interference due to mental health concerns. You are also invited to consult with the Counseling Center if you would like ideas for how to support a friend or refer them to counseling.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency and cannot access the Counseling Center, we encourage you to consider the resources listed here.

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Emergency Situations

If there is an immediate emergency, please call 911. 

Reference Guide

The Emergency Procedures Reference Guide has been designed to provide a quick and easily accessible supplement to the Pacific University Emergency Procedures Manual.

Medical Emergency | Suspicious Behavior | Earthquake | Fire & Explosions | Bomb Threat | Hazardous Materials | Inclement Weather | Suspicious Parcels | Active Shooter Procedures | Evacuation Assembly Areas

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University Resources

Campus Public Safety

Officers are on duty 24-hours a day. CPS provides emergency response, escort services, and more.

Forest Grove: 503-352-2230
Hillsboro: 503-352-7207

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Student Counseling Center

Therapists at the Pacific Student Counseling Center offer confidential individual and couples psychotherapy, emotional and mental health consultation, and crisis services to enrolled Pacific University Students.

Urgent Walk-In: no appointment needed

Forest Grove | Noon to 1 p.m. weekdays  (2142 College Way, Forest Grove, OR)

Hillsboro | 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays (333 SE 7th Ave, Tuality 7th Ave Medical Clinic, Ste 4250, Hillsboro OR)

See here for more information about costs and commonly addressed concerns, or call 503-352-2191 for more information or self-help resources.

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Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides medical services to enrolled students, including immunizations, medical appointments, sexual health services, tobacco cessation and more.


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Campus Wellness Center

The Campus Wellness center promotes social health and wellness and provides programming on a variety of health topics as well as advocacy for students who have had unwanted sexual experiences.


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Spiritual Services

The university chaplain can provide spiritual services including short-term pastoral care. Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie is Pacific's university chaplain and director of the Center for Peace and Spirituality.


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Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services at Pacific University coordinates educational accommodations for students with disabilities. Disabilities may be physical or learning related, and may be permanent or temporary.


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