MBA Courses

The MBA is a 15-month cohort program comprised of 12 courses for a total of 36 credits. Students take one course at a time, and each course is approximately four weeks in length. Students may choose to pursue a general MBA or an MBA with specialization in Healthcare Management by substituting four courses. As a cohort, students take all classes together for a total of 36 credits.

The specific course schedule may vary year-to-year. A full list of courses can be found in the online academic catalog.

Core Courses: 24 Credits

Choose one Group: 12 Credits

General Courses (12 credits)

Healthcare Management Courses (12 credits)

* Can be waived if the student has earned at least a B in a) ACCT 313 and ACCT 316 or ACCT 316 and ACCT 435 at Pacific University or b) equivalent courses outside of Pacific.