Visual Function in Learning Thesis

The capstone experience is a thesis, giving candidates an opportunity to synthesize professional education in the optometric clinical setting. All candidates in the MEd/VFL program will be appointed a Thesis Committee who will guide the development of a research proposal.

Once the proposal is developed, it is reviewed by the coordinator of MEd/VFL and the dean of Optometry, or their designees. The proposal must be approved seven months before the date of proposed graduation from the program.

The Thesis Committee will then advise the candidate during the course of research and the preparation of the thesis. When the final, bound thesis is approved and signed by the Thesis Committee, the candidate must submit two copies of the thesis to the Pacific University Libraries two weeks before commencement.

The Thesis Committee will include the following members:

  • Chair, appointed by the MEd/VFL coordinator. The chair serves as the candidate's adviser and instructor of record for the thesis credits.
  • Faculty member appointed by the MEd/VFL coordinator
  • Faculty member nominated by the candidate and approved by the MEd/VFL coordinator