Vision Science Student Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Vision Science Graduate Program is to provide opportunities for graduate students to: 

  1. Advance knowledge in vision science,
  2. Develop research expertise in advanced experimental approaches and state-of-the-art research skills,
  3. Gain empirical experience in knowledge dissemination through scientific writing and research  presentations, and
  4. Prepare for careers in academic institutions, governmental research/regulation sectors, or private corporations.


Through intense coursework and empirical research work, the MS students are expected to:

  1. With satisfactory performance in  coursework, demonstrate advanced knowledge in the general field of vision science and individual's specialized topical area(s).
  2. Write a research proposal for IRB review 
  3. Conduct original research or a systematic literature review in data gathering and analysis.
  4. Demonstrate quantitative and qualitative skills in data gathering and analysis.
  5. Produce a written original thesis f high quality and successfully defend it orally.