Student Teaching Experience | Bachelor of Music Education

student teacher conducting children with string instruments

Our nationally-recognized after school music education program, the Music Education Project, provides our undergraduate music education students with an unique opportunity to practice their teaching skills in the early years of their studies at Pacific University and well before the official student teaching period that usually takes place in the final year of studies.

Every week, students teach group classes (orchestra, band, choir) as well as private lessons to children and teens, ages 6-18. Other type of classes students may choose to teach include music theory, chamber music, guitar, among others.

Students receive full teaching experience including planning for semester and school year, choosing music for their classes, assessing progress of students in their classes, communication with parents and students, organizing concerts, and recruiting. This provides students with practical experience in planning, teaching, assessing, communicating, recruiting, advertising, conducting, and performing with school-age groups. All this is happening under the guidance of highly qualified faculty with extensive experience in teaching music in school settings.

Music education students who teach in Music Education Project earn college credits as well as financial compensation for their teaching of both group classes and private lessons.