Bachelor of Music Therapy


Learn to use music and all of its facets to help clients improve their physical and mental health.

Accredited by the American Music Therapy Association, the bachelor of music therapy program is a rigorous, five-year course of study that includes a year-long internship with a board certified professional and prepares students to sit for national certification. Students develop musical proficiency in voice, piano, guitar and percussion; build entry-level competencies in psychology, neuroscience, anatomy and health care practice; and gain experience alongside a professional music therapist.

Students may participate in a wide range of ensembles at Pacific and/or apply for music scholarships that are available to all students, not just music majors or minors.



University's total enrollment continues to increase among both undergraduate and graduate/professional student segments.

A surge in students pursuing music degrees at Pacific University over the past decade is expected to continue this fall.

Writing music gives youth opportunity to create and connect.