Faculty Senate Committees

Faculty Senate | University Standing Committees 2023-2024

Chapter 2 of the University Faculty and Governance Handbook lists the full and complete charge and responsibilities of each university standing committee. Below is a brief summary of each committee that reports to the Faculty Senate. To request a list of committee members, please contact Executive Assistant to the Provost Maegan Jossy, maeganj@pacificu.edu.

Committee members may find this document useful which provides an overview of committee responsibilities and resources.


Graduate Council
Chair: Jenelle Shanley
The Graduate Council is the university’s formal body responsible for review of the quality, consistency, and integrity of its programs of graduate study, hereafter referred to as “Graduate Council-covered” graduate programs, including master’s and doctoral degrees, in which there is a thesis, dissertation, or other culminating project that represents a new substantive contribution to knowledge in its discipline. 
Visit the Graduate Council webpage for more information.


University Curriculum and Standards Committee
Chair: Jenelle Andrews
The committee is the university’s formal body responsible for reviewing the quality, consistency, and integrity of its academic programs. The committee meets on a monthly basis to review and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate on university-level curricular matters and overall academic standards not in the purview of individual colleges or programs. 


University Faculty Appeals Panel
Chair: TBD
The purpose of the Faculty Appeals Panel is to hear grievances and to resolve disputes related to faculty personnel actions, violation of academic freedom, or discrimination in non-reappointment. Prior to activating the grievance procedures of the Faculty Appeals Panel, every effort should be made by the parties involved to settle the dispute in a mutually satisfactory manner.


University Personnel Committee
Chair: Karl Citek
The committee’s responsibilities include recommending policies to the Faculty Senate for appointment, evaluation, promotion, tenure, and severance. Reviewing, for consistency with university standards, college-level personnel policies and procedures and providing recommendations. Reviewing, for consistency with eligibility requirements, positive recommendations for tenure and promotion forwarded by the colleges.


University Standards and Appeals Board
Chair: Shruti Gadkari
The University Standards and Appeals Board (USAB) serves as a pool from which to draw USAB Appeal Review Subcommittees and USAB Hearing Panels to hear student appeals. Students may appeal to the USAB regarding rulings made by college academic standards committees. 


Other Committees 

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Institutional Review Board