Study as an International Student at a U.S. Pharmacy School

Study at a U.S. pharmacy school to earn your Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) as an international student at Pacific University in Oregon.

Diverse Community at Pacific's Pharmacy School

The Pacific University School of Pharmacy welcomes international pharmacy students studying abroad to pursue a career in pharmacy. Our diverse community — including faculty, staff, preceptors and students — provides a welcoming and collaborative environment for pharmacy international students.

Accelerated Three-year PharmD Program

Located on the Hillsboro Campus, the School of Pharmacy offers a three-year PharmD degree. This is the only accelerated, three-year PharmD program in the state of Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest region. This means that you will receive a doctoral degree in three years, which is a faster and less expensive alternative to traditional four-year programs.

Flexible Pharmacy Rotations

The accelerated three-year program offers the flexibility to complete some IPPE/APPE rotations in locations outside of Oregon in other states within the U.S., which can extend your pharmacy school experience to other parts of the U.S.

Dual Degree and Post-Graduate Opportunities

In addition to the accelerated three-year PharmD, the School of Pharmacy also provides the opportunity to pursue a four-year dual degree in PharmD and MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Graduates can also apply for post-graduate education opportunities, such as pharmacy residencies and fellowships throughout the U.S.

Application Process for International Pharmacy Students

Apply now to the Pacific University PharmD program to receive an education from an accredited U.S. pharmacy school with an established history of clinical pharmacy education and progressive pharmacy practice.

Our admissions counselor, Tony Potter, is available to answer any questions you might have about the PharmD program at Pacific University and is here to assist you and guide you through the pharmacy school application process.

Accessible Application Process

To apply to the PharmD program as an international pharmacy student, you need to apply through PharmCAS and select Pacific University School of Pharmacy (PharmCAS ID 5450). We provide a fast application review process and offer interviews either in person or via Zoom to increase application accessibility and flexibility for pharmacy international students.

International pharmacy students applying to the PharmD program at Pacific University during the 2022-23 admission cycle via PharmCAS can request to have their PharmCAS application fee waived (offer expires January 21, 2023). Inquire now for more information and to learn more about international admissions process for the PharmD program.

Dedicated Support for International Pharmacy Students

In addition to providing international student support services, Pacific University also has a dedicated international student advisor, Katelyn Eisenhooth, who can answer any of your questions related to international travel to the U.S. and study abroad opportunities at Pacific University. She can also serve as a resource for getting your Social Security Number and for any general immigration questions as an international pharmacy student.

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