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Two-Step Application Process | Only completed applications will be reviewed by the School of Pharmacy for admission consideration. A complete application occurs when both the PharmCAS application and the Pacific University Supplemental application are submitted.

It does not matter which application is started first, just be aware of the application deadlines listed below so both applications are submitted on time. 

PharmCAS Application


Pacific Supplemental Application


Review our admissions criteria to better prepare for submitting your applications. Note: PCAT is not required for Pacific University School of Pharmacy.

Application Deadlines & Options

Early Decision

If you know that Pacific University is your first choice pharmacy school consider applying through the PharmCAS Early Decision program. This application process allows you to apply for your top choice school early, and subsequently receive an admission decision early. Read more about the Early Decision process on PharmCAS. Early Decision deadline is September 4.

Rolling Admissions

The School of Pharmacy uses a "rolling admissions process," meaning completed applications are reviewed as we receive them. We do not wait until the deadline dates (Early Decision: Sept. 4; Final Deadline: Apr. 1) to review applications. It can benefit students to apply early in the cycle. Acceptance decisions are made after each interview day. This means more seats are available earlier in the application cycle. In some cases, later applicants may not have a chance at an interview. Be sure to allow enough processing time for your file to be reviewed in time for our final March interview date. 

Keep in Mind

  • The final deadline for the PharmCAS application is April 1st, 2019. This means you must submit the application online by this date in order to have your application considered.
  • You must also send all necessary materials to PharmCAS by April 1, 2019. It can take PharmCAS up to four weeks to process an application. Please check the PharmCAS portal to find out the status of your PharmCAS application, your letters of reference and your supplemental application.

Please consider submitting your application sooner than April 1 to ensure a full review of your file, keeping in mind our final interview day is at the end of March. 

Interview Selection

The Admissions Committee considers many factors in the admissions process. Based on this criterion, which is a demonstrated in the PharmCAS and supplemental applications, selected applicants are invited for the on-campus interview. The interview is required and is a contributing factor in the admission decision. It allows the Admissions Committee to assess essential skills and traits that may not be reflected in the applications.

In the interview, consideration is given to knowledge of the profession, motivation toward a career in pharmacy, ability to think clearly and logically, poise, self-confidence, warmth, and verbal expression of ideas.

Interview Days

  • September 28 (sat), 2019 (Early Decision)
  • November 15 (fri), 2019
  • January 25 (sat), 2020
  • February 21 (fri), 2020
  • March 21 (sat), 2020
  • April 18 (sat), 2020

Important | If you are having any technical difficulties with our supplemental application, please contact CollegeNET at

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