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Transfer Application Cycle (January-March)

Candidates must have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.4 when enrolled in the professional year(s) of his/her current pharmacy program

The transfer application will be available starting in January . The preferred application deadline is March 1. Please read the information below to learn more about our transfer policies and how to apply.

Policy and Definitions

Transfer students are those who are currently, or have recently been, enrolled in a professional pharmacy program at an ACPE accredited school or college of pharmacy. Transfer students must be in good academic standing at the institutions they are currently attending.

Pacific University School of Pharmacy will consider transfer students for admittance into the program as a first-year student in the fall semester or second-year student in the Summer semester. For admittance to advance standing, a meticulous review of all available information will be completed.

The School of Pharmacy will evaluate students who wish to transfer on a case by case basis, and will include a student interview. The application process is a three-step process in order to review prerequisites, credits from U.S. ACPE accredited PharmD program, and completion of incomplete prerequisites or pharmacy courses. Student prerequisites, course descriptions, and syllabi from the previous institution, hours completed, transcripts, and a completed admission application will be used in making a decision.

Required Documents

Applications will not be reviewed until all the below documents have been received.

You must submit official transcripts for all college-level coursework completed.

The following documents are submitted to the Assistant Director of Graduate and Professional Admissions:

  • A written request for transfer. The letter states the reason for transfer, current academic status and reasons for intended success at Pacific University School of Pharmacy.
  • Transfer Pharmacy Application. Please read the directions carefully and complete the form thoroughly.
  • Two letters of evaluation, using the evaluation form. The evaluation form may be printed off or emailed to the individuals who will be generating the letters of reference.
  • Official undergraduate transcripts and official transcript from current pharmacy program
  • A letter from the dean of his/her current Pharmacy School which describes the circumstances surrounding the transfer

*All application materials and required official documents should be directly sent to:

By Email:

By Mail: 

Graduate and Professional Admissions
190 SE 8th Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97123


  • The deadline for transfer submission is March 1 in order to be considered for the subsequent academic year
  • Candidates must have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.4 when enrolled in the professional year(s) of his/her current pharmacy program
  • Criteria for potential transfer include but are not limited to: prerequisites completed, GPA, current performance, etc.
  • Determination of admission will be based on similar criteria and standards used to evaluate traditional applicants and on a seat capacity of the School of Pharmacy
  • Applicants granted admissions into our program receive a formal written offer from the dean