Philosophy | Academic Advising Handbook

More general information on other academic requirements can be found on the Academic Advising Handbook page. The Philosophy section of the Academic Advising Handbook (pdf) and the Course Catalog (pdf) are available for download.

Introductory Courses (100 and 202)

PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy and PHIL 202 Ethics and Society are introductory and are open to all students. Each of these 4-credit courses is offered every semester. Philosophy majors and minors must take 100 or 202. Majors on the Ethics, Society, and Law track must take 202.

200 Level Courses (205, 206, 207, 208, 212, 221, 240, 255)

These 4-credit courses are open to all students. However, first-year students with weaker academic records are encouraged to take an introductory course. 205-208 is the four-semester history sequence in philosophy; one of these courses is offered every semester; majors must take at least two courses in this history sequence, ethics track majors and minors at least one. Phil/Math 212 (Language and Logic) is offered every year and fulfills the math core requirement; all majors and minors must take this course. 255 is a special topics course offered occasionally.

300 Level Courses (304, 305, 307, 309, 310, 314, 315, 321, 322, 343, 349, and 355)

These courses are intended for students with prior experience in philosophy or for upper-division students; sophomore standing is a prerequisite. Most of these courses are offered every other year except for Phil 307 (Ethics, Medicine, and Health Care) which is offered every semester. Majors typically take at least three of these courses, minors at least two. 355 is a special topics course offered occasionally. 349 is offered in the spring, and typically taken by majors in their junior year. 

400 Level Courses (403, 405, 494/495)

Intended for philosophy majors or minors. These courses presume considerable background in philosophy. There are specific prerequisites for each of these courses. 494/495 is the two-semester Senior Seminar sequence offered every year. Other 400-level courses are offered at most every other year. Note: to be eligible to register for Senior Seminar, students must have completed eighteen hours of philosophy, Phil 212, and one course in the history sequence (205-208), each with a C- or better.

Sample Schedule for a Philosophy Major

First Year: Philosophy 100 or any of our 200 level courses

Second Year: Once course from history sequence (205-208); Phil 212; another 200 or 300-level Phil course

Third Year: Two or three upper-level Phil courses (300/400); history sequence course?

Fourth Year: Phil Senior Seminar (494/495); additional upper-level Phil courses as required

Revised 2018