Philosophy Students Activities

Upcoming Events

The best way to find out what exciting philosophical events are happening on campus is to become a fan of the Philosophy Club on Facebook or sign up to the club's email list. To do so, email the club's adviser, Ian O'Loughlin at

Past Events

  • The philosophy department hosts speakers from the Scholars At Risk program to come and speak most semesters.  For details about upcoming or past speakers in this series, email Katharine Loevy (
  • Each semester, the philosophy department invites majors, minors, and faculty to get together at the Drake House for a philosophy party.  There are sometimes costumes.
  • Occasionally, the department hosts live tapings of the NPR show "Philosophy Talk".
  • The philosophy department sometimes hosts Pacific's distinguished Whiteley Lecture: philosophers who have spoken at Pacific as such in recent years include Alison Jaggar, Peter Singer, and Kenneth Taylor.

The Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Every April, Pacific hosts one of the most successful undergraduate philosophy conferences in the world.  Recent past speakers have included Susan Haack, L.A. Paul, Alva Noë, Elliott Sober, Daniel Dennett, and others.  Submissions are due every February--for more information, check out the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference page.