Philosophy Faculty

David Boersema
Emeritus Professor
503 352 2150

David Boersema, professor emeritus with specializations in philosophy of science, philosophy of art, American philosophy, rights and peace studies.

Emeritus Professor

David DeMoss is a professor of philosophy.

Ramona Ilea is a Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Center for a Sustainable Society at Pacific University. She has been at Pacific since 2006 and often teaches Environmental Ethics, Animal Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, and Logic classes. She won the President’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.
Katharine Loevy
Associate Professor

Katharine Loevy's expertise is in philosophy, religion and art history.

Assistant Professor, Department Chair

Ian O'Loughlin, PhD is an Assistant Philisophy Professor whose primary research is in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science.