Faculty | MA in Applied Psychological Science

Professor | Director of MA/MS Applied Psychological Science Program

Lisa R. Christiansen's interests include the clinical assessment process and trauma responses.  She is especially interested in serving those who are occupationally exposed to stressful or traumatic events.


Shawn E. Davis's research interests include media influence, Internet-based communication and learning, and sport psychology.

Associate Professor

Matthew's interests include social cognition, intergroup relations, intergroup bias, meditation (including mindfulness), and affect / emotion.

He is a Co-Investigator and Statistician in the Mindful Health and Resilience Lab and conducts research on intergroup bias and meditation/mindfulness, with a current focus on the impact of mindfulness-based interventions on force response decision-making for law enforcement officers.

Associate Professor

Jenelle Shanley’s research largely focuses on implementation science with a specific focus on evidence-based parent support programs that target child behavior disorders, child maltreatment, and childhood obesity. Specifically, she is interested in parenting of young children and improving implementation strategies to reduce barriers to access and engagement in parent support programs.

Associate Professor

Jane Tram's clinical interests include the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families from a behavioral and systems perspective. Her research interests currently focus on ethnic identity.

Assistant Professor | APS Director of Clinical Training

Dr. Willis’ research interests lie primarily in two areas: sex/sexuality and community based research methods. The Human Sexuality Research Group focuses on sexuality broadly with particular focus on the intersection between sexuality & disability, sex-positive or balanced research, and integrating the science of sexuality into psychotherapy.