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If you're itching to sign up for a trip, but want to know exactly what you're getting yourself into, look no further. The descriptions below are meant to help you get a feel for each of the day trips we offer. 

In addition to day trips, we offer extended trips over certain weekends, spring break and the summer.

Day Trips

The following trips are examples of trips we have run in the past/currently are running! 

Rafting on the North Santiam River

Whitewater Rafting

Join our student leaders for a day out on the water! Whether you're battling rapids on the Deschutes or the North Santiam River, you're guaranteed great laughs, good food, and even greater splashdowns. 



Students sea kayaking in Netarts Bay

Sea Kayaking

Grab a paddle, a PFD (personal flotation device), and get ready for some serious fun. Instructors well-versed in paddle technique and boat etiquette will lead you through a day of exploration and non-stop fun.  


 Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Rogue RiverPaddleboarding

Join us for a day of well-balanced fun! With plenty of locations close to campus, you are sure to enjoy the sun on your face and the sound of water lapping at your board.




Canoeing on Deschutes River


Take a day with us to float down the river. Enjoy the sun, the water, and the outdoors as our staff guides you through ripple-making techniques on a lazy afternoon.



Surfing at Lincoln City, OR


Whether you're testing the water for the first time or are ready to hang ten from the get go, join us for a day of frolicking on the Oregon Coast. Dive into a day of surf, salt, and seriously rad people. 



Rock Climbing at Smith Rocks, OR

Rock Climbing

Throw on some climbing shoes (Don't worry if you don't have 'em because we do!) and test your abilities in the elements. Whether you are a newbie looking for a relaxing day or an old timer hoping to scale every crag in site, we've got routes for you!


Planet Granite Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Climbing

Daunting, dirty boulders maybe not your thing? Join us for a night of indoor adventuring instead! A quick jaunt into Portland to one of our favorite gyms is warmer, dryer, and just as fun as a day out on the rocks. 


Hiking on Saddle Mountain, OR


Join OP staff for a day out on a trail exploring a scenic area located in our own backyard here in Oregon. Each excursion is as different, fresh and unpredictably enjoyable as the instructor leading it. (Check out our backpacking options as well!) 


Snowshoeing in the snow around Mt. Hood, OR


If you're a fan of hiking and a lover of the snow, be sure to join our instructors on a snowshoeing excursion. Let us take you on a snowshoe-clad adventure and share the Pacific Northwest Winter Wonderland with you. 



Leif Larson, Student, in the Snow.

Cross Country Skiing

Join us for a day of backcountry trekking. We will explore snow-covered trails and make some winter memories, all while strapped snuggly into a pair of skis. 




Mt. Hood

Mountain Shuttle 

Looking to get your downhill Skiing or Boarding fix? Hop on our shuttle up to Mt. Hood! We'll do the driving and then turn you loose for a day of shreddin' with whomever and however you please. 



Stubb Stewart Mountain Biking, OR

Mountain Biking 

Looking for a quick workout with some adrenaline? We are located a mere 25 minutes from Stubb Stewart State Park and other renowned mountain biking trail systems in the Tillamook State Forest. We have the bikes and helmets, you just need to bring the stoke!



Series Trips and Certifications

Marija Feller at Short Sands, OR

Surf Series 

Hoping to become a surf aficionado or just spend some time with the crashing waves? Whether a beginner or a veteran, the Surf Series will provide you with knowledge of wave theory and surf technique in a five-day format that promotes practice, practice, practice, and tons of fun. 


Students climbing S. Sister, OR

Summit Series 

This six-day experience includes a snow school, avalanche training, and a summit attempt on Mt. St. Helens. Try your hand at the skills, tools, and techniques used to climb the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. 



Students on a red raft during the whitewater rafting series

Whitewater Raft Series 

Interested in learning about the skills and techniques that go into running a river? Wanting to spend a couple extra days splashing through wave trains? Either way, join us for two informative classroom sessions and three whitewater days on our Whitewater Rafting series. 



Throw bag practice on the Wilson R., OR

Swiftwater Rescue Certification

If you're interested in whitewater sports and/or looking to update your outdoor leadership resume, consider joining us for this three-day certification course. Learn how to address dangerous situations in a swiftwater environment. 



Jon Inman, Student, receiving medical care in WFR class.

Wilderness First Aid and Responder 

Learn how to apply first aid and CPR skills in the backcountry during either of these multi-day certification courses. You will gain firsthand experience in responding to medical, environmental, and traumatic emergencies in the outdoors.



Spring Break Trips 

A student posing with mighty rocks of Canyonlands National Park, UT

Canyonlands Backpacking 

Join OP Student Leaders for a week in the rugged and beautiful desert. Escape for a bit from the greenery of the Pacific Northwest and try your hand in a new environment, chalk full of breathtaking views and new experiences with awesome people. Food, transportation and gear are included for this week-long adventure. 


Students posing on rafts during Spring Break Rafting on the Deschutes River, OR

Whitewater Rafting

Join our instructors for a week out on the water! Whether you're battling rapids on the Deschutes River or enjoying a delicious dinner in camp, you're guaranteed some great laughs and some beautiful scenery! We'll get you there and give you the tools to ride your way through beautiful, canyon waves. 


Summer Trips

Paddling near Vancouver Island, B.C.

British Columbia, Canada Kayaking

Join us for an incredible kayaking journey through the Desolation Sound and Sunshine Coast near Vancouver Island, B.C. There are hundreds of islands, islets, and rock outcrops to explore along the fjords and inlets of B.C.'s rugged coast. After spending the day paddling with whales, seals, and eagles, we will pitch camp each night on a different islands over the course of our 8-day trip. This will be a trip of a lifetime, with cultural stops along the way in Vancouver, B.C. and Skookumchuk Narrows.


Students and leaders hiking up the ridge of Mt. Rainier during a climb in 2016

Mt. Rainier Summit Attempt

The crowning peak of the Cascades, Rainier rises 14,411 feet above the Puget Sound. We will work as a team to plan, train, and execute a climb up the Emmons-Winthrop Glaciers from White River trailhead, gaining 10,000 feet! Learn skills that pertain to glacier travel, including crampon and ice-axe use, crevasse rescue, and avalanche safety. Some previous experience is encouraged. Contact Phil Friesen for more information (phil@pacificu).

International Trip

 Patagonia GroupExpedition Planning in Patagonia, Chile

 Experience the cultural and natural beauty of the Patagonia landscape on this three-week   adventure. Spend your days backpacking in Torres de Paine National Park and experience   what sheep farming is like during your stay. This trip is for credit through OL 110 (Fall) and   OL 310 (Winter). Offered alternate years.


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