Emergency Situations

Are you or someone you know in crisis or experiencing an emergency situation?

You have several options.

During regular business hours (Monday through Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

  1. Call the Student Counseling Center at 503-352-2191. You may speak with a counselor or a counselor will call you back.
  2. Walk in to the Student Health or Counseling Center. A counselor will see as soon as possible.
  3. Use daily walk-in services at the Student Counseling Center, no appointment required. It is best if you arrive at the beginning of the hour to maximize time available.
  • noon to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday at the Forest Grove Clinic
  • noon to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday at the Hillsboro Clinic

Note: Outside of walk-in hours, emergency appointments are available the same day, while non-emergency appointments are generally available within a few days to two weeks.

After hours and on weekends

  1. County Crisis Lines are available 24/7. Crisis lines are free and confidential, and are staffed by professional, trained counselors. They provide immediate support and crisis response. The majority of students report positive interactions and helpful staff on crisis lines. If you ever have an unhelpful experience, please ask to speak with a different counselor or the shift supervisor. You may report any concerns to the Director of the Student Counseling Center.
    • Washington County Crisis Line: (Forest Grove & Hillsboro) 503-291-9111
    • Lane Country Crisis Line: (Eugene) 541-687-4000
    • Marion County Crisis Line: (Woodburn) 503-585-4949
    • Multnomah County Crisis Line: (Portland) 1-800-716-9769 or 503-988-4888
    • Hawaii Crisis Lines:
      • Oahu: 808-832-3100
      • Kauai/Lanai/Molokai/Maui/Hawaii: 1-800-753-6879
  2. Crisis Text Line (24/7): Text "GO" to 741-741
  3. Call 911
  4. Go to a local emergency room or urgent mental health care center. The following are recommended if you can find transportation:
    1. Washington County: Providence St. Vincent. Between 9:00 am and 8:30 pm, you can access the Hawthorn Walk-In Center at 5240 N. Elam Young Pkwy, #100 in Hillsboro.
    2. Lane County: Sacred Heart
    3. Marion County: Salem Hospital
  5. If you live on campus in Forest Grove speak with a Resident Assistant. The on-call RA may be reached from 7pm-7am Sunday-Thursday and 7pm Friday through 7am Sunday on weekends. Students can call 971-275-2028 (Burlingham, Vandervelden and Gilbert) or 971-275-2027 (Walter, McCormick, Clark and Cascade). You may also contact Campus Public Safety at 503-352-2230. Both the Resident Assistants and CPS officers have access to on-call Counseling Center Staff.