Advising Handbook for Theatre

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Ellen Margolis, Chair of Theatre & Dance

Jacob Coleman, Applied Theatre Instructor,

Tal Sanders, Scenic and Lighting Designer/Technical Director

Melissa Heller, Costume Designer


Theatre Major | Theatre Minor

Theatre studies develop and encourage creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. We are committed to a high standard in the performing arts and to the rigorous study of performance from a liberal arts perspective.

Performance and Production

Performance and production experiences are available to all students, regardless of major.  Productions are typically cast at the beginning of each semester.  Students who wish to be informed of upcoming opportunities should contact the department’s email address,, to join the program’s mailing list. 

Students who wish to perform in theatre productions at Pacific should take THEA110 (Beginning Acting) in their first year.

There are also opportunities in all areas of design (scenic, lighting, costume, makeup, sound) and backstage work. We encourage all students to become involved!

Majors and Minors

Theatre studies develop and encourage creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.  We are dedicated to a high standard in the performing arts and to the rigorous study of performance from a liberal arts perspective.

Students can major or minor in either Applied Theatre or Theatre.  Students interested in any theatre degree should contact the Department Chair to plan their studies.

After training as actors, designers, directors, and playwrights, graduates of the traditional Theatre program typically go on to work in Theatre, Media, Arts Administration, Education, or other creative professions.

Applied Theatre courses and programs investigate theatre as a social tool or a form of civic engagement.   Pacific’s distinctive Applied Theatre program reflects a strong national trend, as we have come to understand the powerful transformative effects of the arts. Students graduating in Applied Theatre often go on to work in service professions such as Occupational Therapy, Criminal Justice, or Special Education.

Theatre Major

Because the Theatre major is relatively small in terms of credit hours, many students choose to double major, combining this major with studies in media, languages, literature, music, art, or the social or natural sciences.


Students planning to major in Theatre are encouraged to take THEA110, 112, 120, and 180 (totaling 12 credits) by the end of their sophomore year, and THEA210 or 220 by the end of their junior year.


Many Theatre majors complete Internships with local professional theatres as part of their education; interested students should confer with Theatre faculty to discuss internships.

Requirements for Theatre Major

  • THEA 110 | Acting I: Fundamentals (2)
  • THEA 112 | Acting: Advanced Fundamentals (2)
  • THEA 120 | Technical Theatre (4)
  • THEA 180 - Script Analysis (4)
  • APT 215 - Applied Theatre Workshop (4)
  • 4 credits from Acting courses at the 200, 300, and/or 400 level (THEA 211, 213, 218, 311, 312, 314, 317, 318, 319, 411, 414 or others as approved by advisor)
  • OR THEA 220 - Introduction to Theatrical Design 4 credits
  • THEA 330 - Fundamentals of Directing 4 credits

  • OR THEA 333 - Directing for Stage and Screen 4 credits

  • OR MEDA 333 - Directing for Stage and Screen 4 credits

  • OR THEA 380 – Playwriting Seminar

  • THEA 350 - Theatre History/Literature I 4 credits
  • THEA 360 - Theatre History/Literature II 4 credits
  • THEA 495 - Senior Thesis 4 credits
  • Electives in Applied Theatre, Theatre, or Dance as approved by advisor 4 credits
  • 4 credits from the following, with no more than 2 in any one area (such as Performance, Lighting, etc.) counting toward completion of this requirement:
  • THEA 150 - Theatre Company: Performance 0-2 credits
  • THEA 151 - Theatre Company: Gen Technical Theatre 1-2 credits
  • THEA 152 - Theatre Company: Costume & Makeup 1-2 credits
  • THEA 153 - Theatre Company: Lighting 1-2 credits
  • THEA 154 - Theatre Company: Org & Mgmt 1 credits
  • THEA 156 - Theatre Company: Run Crew/Board 1 credits
  • THEA 450 - Theatre Company: Advanced Performance 0-2 credits
  • THEA 451 - Theatre Company: Advanced Technical Prod 1-2 credits
  • THEA 452 - Theatre Company: Adv Costume & Makeup 1-2 credits
  • THEA 453 - Theatre Company: Advanced Lighting 1-2 credits
  • THEA 454 - Theatre Company: Advanced Org & Mgmt 1-2 credits
  • THEA 456 - Theatre Company: Advanced Run Crew/Board 1 credits

Total: 44 Credits

Requirements for Theatre Minor

The department also offers a minor in Theatre.

  • THEA 110 | Acting I (2)
  • THEA 120 | Technical Theatre (4)
  • APTH 301 Survey of Applied Theatre (4)
  • THEA 360 Theatre History and Dramatic Literature II 4 credits
  • Electives in Theatre, Applied Theatre or related courses as approved by advisor (options may include courses in Peace and Social Justice, Public Health, Disability Studies, Politics and Government, Business Administration, Sociology)              

 8 credits, 4 of which must be in THEA or APTH

Total: 22 credits

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