Theatre Guest Artists

Below are some of the talented guest artists we've been fortunate to have work with the department and our students.

Playwright Tom Coash's Veils was produced by Pacific University, directed by Debbie Lamedman.

Debbie Lamedman has directed many productions for Pacific, including Dance Slow Decades by Kailea Saplan, Veils by Tom Coash, and Fat Pig by Neil LaBute. She has also taught several acting classes.

Aaron Levin

Aaron Levin directed March of the Falsettos by William Finn for Pacific University in March of 2018.

Austin Tichenor adapted and directed Pacific University's recent production of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Matthew B. Zrebski is an award-winning theatre artist who has directed and taught at Pacific over several years. His latest directing credit at Pacific was Hide by Ellen Margolis.