ELC Cedar Classroom

The Cedar Classroom is a natural outdoor learning environment for children in the Pacific University Early Learning Community.

When complete, the area will include a variety of micro-environments, such as a water feature, stump forest, climbing areas and garden, where the young students in the ELC can play, learn and cultivate a deep connection with their world and with each other.

The concept for the Cedar Classroom is deeply rooted in research around early childhood development and education. Nature-based learning has been demonstrated to improve creative problem solving, help children develop gross motor skills, improve physical and emotional health, and promote independence and autonomy.

The Early Learning Community is dedicated to providing nurturing, authentic learning experiences that cultivate a sense of social awareness and belonging, while valuing the individual contributions of each child in their community. As a demonstration site for early childhood learning, the Early Learning Community serves not only its young learners, but also the Pacific University undergraduate and graduate students preparing to become teachers and caregivers.

The Cedar Classroom is the next step in creating an environment that supports research and practice in early childhood education and preparing future teachers who will carry these best practices out into the world, enhancing education for children everywhere.

Support the Cedar Classroom

Pacific University is currently fundraising in support of the Cedar Classroom. For more information on how you can support the Cedar Classroom, please contact Karine Kadyan in University Advancement at 503-352-2761 or kkadyan@pacificu.edu.