Zane's Playroom at Pacific University

Zane's Playroom is a learning environment created to support the learning of children, aged three and under, and their parents.

The room is filled with developmentally appropriate learning materials including manipulative materials, books, stuffed animals and a small climbing structure. Staffed by education students from the college who are there to support and facilitate interactions, the room provides a place for children to play with their parents and with each other. It also contains educational resources for parents and provides them an opportunity to meet and socialize. The environment welcomes any member of the Forest Grove Community and there is no charge.  

Zane's Playroom Schedule 

7.jpgZane's Playroom calendar:

Open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30am-10:15am!

*Closed for Thanksgiving Break, November 22 - 24.
*Closed for Winter Break, December 18 - January 26.
We will reopen for the Spring on January 29th!