Child Learning & Development Center

It is the mission of the Child Learning and Development Center to support educational environments that will facilitate experiential learning and research within the College of Education for the purpose of improving early childhood education.

In fulfilling this mission the center focuses on the following learning opportunities:

Early Childhood Education | the primary activity will be the operation of the Early Learning Community (ELC). The ELC is a learning community whose primary function is to nurture the developmental needs of a diverse group of young children. The ELC is organized around the principles of inclusion, active experiential learning, and best pedagogical practice.

Academic Programs | provide an experiential learning laboratory (The Early Learning Community) for undergraduate and graduate students in which to complete course projects, practica, service learning opportunities, and field experience observations. These academic programs will especially serve students earning the Oregon Preliminary Teaching License at the early-childhood authorization level.

Research | provide opportunities for researchers (students and faculty) to examine practices designed to help children learn and develop, examine and evaluate best practices in structuring and operating early childhood centers, and investigate practices to help alleviate the health and learning issues of young children.

Community Connections | a variety of outreach initiatives connect the CLDC to the community: Zane's Playroom, where parents can bring their very young children for exploratory learning and play; a new literacy program called Read Early And Dream. The READ program is a collaboration between the CLDC and Cornelius Elementary School to distribute free books to elementary school students as a means of fostering early literacy through co-reading at home with parents. Our final community connection is the Early Learning Community for young children.

Professional Development | the CLDC will provide professional development opportunities for parents, teachers, home school parents, and other interested professionals who work with young children.

Dr. Mark Bailey is the founding Director of the Child Learning and Development Center. Mark earned his K-9 teaching license and began learning with children in the 1970s. Believing that there must be a better way to support the broad range of learners in his classroom, he returned to graduate school and received a Ph.D. in educational psychology. Dr. Bailey has been a professor at Pacific University since 1995 where he initiated a licensure program for early childhood and elementary educators and developed the Early Learning Community. Along with directing the CLDC, Dr. Bailey currently serves as a Professor and Early Childhood Specialist in the College of Education. An author and invited speaker at national conferences, Mark continues to research and develop progressive learning environments that empower teachers and students to learn in engaging and innovative ways. Please address any questions or comments you might have regarding the CLDC to

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