Apostille & Notarization

Notarized Copy of a Diploma or Transcript

Notarization is a process by which the Registrar's Office authenticates a document and a Notary Public certifies the Registrar's Office's authentication. Original diplomas, copies of diplomas, and transcripts may be notarized.

If you want your original diploma notarized, send or bring it to the Registrar's Office with your request (there is no form). If you cannot locate your original diploma you should order a duplicate; with duplicate diplomas and transcripts, indicate the desire for notarization when you order.

Requests typically are processed within a week, although those requiring a duplicate diploma may take substantially longer. Pacific does not charge for the notary service.


Foreign Jurisdictions may require an Apostille or Authentication along with the notarized transcript or diploma, which is an additional certification process offered by states. More information is available from the Oregon Secretary of State.

Please note that the Registrar’s Office can send your notarized documents to the Oregon Secretary of State, but cannot coordinate their payment or the return or forwarding process for the documents. It is strongly recommended that you request your notarized diploma and/or transcripts be returned directly to you from our office, rather than having them sent to the Secretary of State. You then can submit them to the Oregon Secretary of State with your payment and their required information in one package.