Elle Cordima '22 Receives Dean of Students Award

Elle CordimaElle Cordima '22 was one of two students honored with the Dean of Students Award at Pacific University's 2022 Undergraduate Student Awards.

Cordima belonged to the McCall Center for Civic Engagement, the Center for Gender Equity, the Student Multicultural Center, and the Center for a Sustainable Society, among other organizations. They were also vice president for campus betterment in the Undergraduate Student Senate.

Cordima "oozes positivity and couples their fearlessness with kindness," said Dean of Students Jonathon Hyde. "While being extremely plugged in around campus, they always made sure to look at things with a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and was never afraid to speak up to help work through nuances and potential oversights."

Also awarded the Dean of Students Award was Shun Wetlesen '22.

Friday, May 20, 2022