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The annual event hosted by KISS guitarist and university trustee Tommy Thayer concludes its 10-year run.
Pacific is paying tribute to retiring Philosophy Professor Dave Boersema’s career and influence on students with the Philosophy Book Fund. 
Dr. Weberling received the honor at Pacific's spring commencement on May 21.
The coordinated dental care practice is helping lead the charge for the university’s 24-hour giving drive, during which Pacific hopes to collect gifts from 2,016 donors.
"Pacific has made me who I am and has set me up for success."
"We give because Pacific is a part of our family."
" I had a really, really good education, and even more than that, I had a great mentor."
"I give to the success of my current and future students."
"Pacific is a great place to be, and giving back keeps me involved in the university."
“If it wasn’t for those who gave before me, I wouldn’t be able to attend Pacific.”