News, Media and Stories | Class Of 2014

Samantha Trulock '14
Samantha Trulock '14 made the nominating ballot for the 2020 Grammy Awards in four different categories.
Shelby (Thurman) Yzaguirre '14 welcomed her first child, Evelyn, with her husband Alex, in May 2020. 
Travis '14 and Shay (Singer) George '14 married on July 13, 2019.
In Memoriam: Anthony Lombardi, MS '14, PsyD '17
John Zylstra '14, MS '15 joined Entrust Community Services in Yakima, Wash., in October 2020.
Jon Larson '14
Jon Larson '14 plays for the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band. He majored in music education at Pacific, and serves as a piano instrumentalist, team leader, arranger and is also in charge of staging for the band.
Benjamin '15 & Alysha Hitzman Cabral '14 Welcome Daughter
Alysha (Hitzman) Cabral '14 & Benjamin Cabral '15 & welcomed their daughter, Charlie Kay, on Feb. 20, 2020.
Jo Vandecoevering
Anne Schmitt Vandecoevering '14 and her husband Taylor Vandecoevering of Hillsboro are new parents of her first baby, a girl, Jo Vandecoevering. 
Sara Rauch MFA '14 was featured in an online interview about her debut collection.
Bryan Lang, PT '13, MHA '14 was featured in an online series through ArtStation Magazine about tips for working from home.