News, Media and Stories | Class Of 2012

Alumna Leigh Camacho's forthcoming debut collection from Black Lawrence Press, Moon Trees and Other Orphans, has won the St. Lawrence Book Award and will debut on Oct. 31, 2019. 
Baby Graci
Ashleigh (Simons) Cooper '12 has become the proud mom of Graci, who was born in June of 2017.
Victoria Chinn
Victoria Chinn '12 earned her PhD this spring from Massey University, University of New Zealand and has worked to promote women's health.
The Fuller Rosen Gallery in Southeast Portland, a venture of BriAnna Rosen '12 and her spouse, EM Fuller, was highlighted by the Portland Mercury as part of its coverage of Pride Month.
BriAnna Rosen ’12 and wife EM Fuller founded the Fuller Rosen Gallery in 2018 as a collaborative curatorial project.
Jason Allen MFA ’12 is the author of novel The East End forthcoming in May 2019.
Sarah Woodman MHA ’12 is the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) Respiratory Director who was recently appointed to the Respiratory Therapist and Polysomnographic Technologist (RTPT) Licensing Board for the State of Oregon.
Gustavo Morales ’12 is the executive director of Euvalcree, an organization that confronts local discrimination in Ontario, Ore.
Fozia “Fauzy” Mohamed DHS ’12 was nominated for Best Titleholder by The Global Beauty Awards (GBA
Susan Defreitas MFA ’12 recently wrote an article for award-winning blog, “Jane Friedman,” discussing query letters and what they can reveal about stories.