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Kaylie Green MS '19 earns AAPIC Internship Match 2021.
Nicole McCullough is a recipient of the 2021 United States Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program.
The Mindful Health & Resilience Lab at Pacific University was accepted to the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science World Conference 17 from June 27 through 30, 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.
Hillsboro Campus
A specific training program for law enforcement officers is being evaluated for its effectiveness at helping them cope with the rigors of the job.
Aaron Bergman Smiling
Aaron Bergman PhD ‘18, a Pacific University doctoral student in clinical psychology, believes smarthphones also have the potential to help people struggling to find lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
Mindfulness Reduces Stress and Anger in Police describes the recent work of professors Michael Christopher and Sarah Bowen, and graduate student Aaron Bergman.
An NIH-funded collaborative led in part by the School of Professional Psychology and Hillsboro Police provides officers throughout the region with training to improve their resiliency to job-related stress.
Join Pacific University in a unique training & research collaboration that translates the science of resiliency into an 8 week, skill-building training for police officers using principles of mindfulness.
School of Professional Psychology faculty members awarded nearly $380,000 to build on their initial research.