News, Media and Stories | Class Of 2019

Kelsey Graczyk '19 long dreamed of working for the National Park Service. Now she helps tell the story of the parks as a visual communications specialist.
In his role as a biological wildlife technician at Hawai'i's Haleakalā National Park, Josh Higa '19 is helping to preserve populations of two of the islands' iconic and endangered birds.
Alicia Rizo Mendoza ’19 accepted her first teaching position in May 2022.
Alex Quast ’19 and Carly Williams ’19 Married
Alex Quast ’19 and Carly Williams ’19 were married on June 25, 2022, at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, Alaska.
Photos of 2022 Poet Laureate Fellows from MFA
Julia B. Levine MFA '19 named an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellow.
Shaina (Hewitt) Sullivan OD ’19 was appointed board director for the Oregon Optometric Physicians Association at its annual meeting in July along with fellow alumnus Bill Hefner OD ’96, MEd ’97.
Mari Fujimoto OD ’19, who is a professor at Pacific, earned a leadership certificate at the Oregon Optometric Physicians Association's annual meeting in July.
Joshua Pearl
Joshua Pearl' 19 learned about the therapeutics of music in the hardest possible way: He was afflicted with an autoimmune disease that caused him severe pain. He turned to the piano as a form of treatment, and it helped lessen the need for painkillers he had been prescribed. Recognizing that music could do for others what it did for him, Pearl became a music therapist.
Travis Dennison MA '15, PsyD '19 joined Toppenish Medical-Dental Clinic in Toppenish, Wash., in  Feb. 2021.
Dusty Meyer '19 playing baseball as a student
Former baseball player and current assistant coach Dusty Meyer ’19 is a recipient of a scholarship from the Roloff family.