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This section contains information concerning current and future students. If you have questions not answered here, please contact a member of the Business Office Staff.  You can also email the Student Accounts Office at

Student Accounts Checklist

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Student Accounts | Important Payment Information


Mail payments to:
Business Office
Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR  97116
Make sure the student’s full name and ID number are on check.

Semester Payment Plan Due Date
Fall 2024 August 15, 2024
Spring 2024 January 15, 2024
Summer 2024 May 15, 2024

Monthly Payment Plan  (students must opt-in via the Billing/Payment portal, $40/semester fee)

Due Dates
Fall 2024 August 15, September 15, October 15, and November 15

Spring 2024

January 15, February 15, March 15, and April 15

Summer 2024

May 15, June 15, and July 15

$50 per month late fees will be applied after the semester ten-day grace period. It is important that deadlines are met to avoid additional fees as well as to experience timely registration for subsequent semesters. Charges incurred after initial statement and/or refunds are disbursed are subject to late fees if not paid in 30 days. Please review all university correspondence sent to your Pacific email for requirements and deadlines.

If you can't make a payment, contact the Business Office as soon as possible to inform them of your situation and your attempts to make payment. They can further help you and give you advice on what to do for your situation.

Refunds and credit balances (pdf)

International Payments Via Flywire

Flywire is now available for international payments. You can learn more from the tutorial video below. When you are ready to make a payment using Flywire click the blue Flywire button to begin or navigate to Multilingual support is available from Help Center 

Click here to pay now with Flywire

Student Loans

Can I receive a Short Term Loan before I receive my refund check?

Yes. Short Term Loans are available to current students who will be receiving financial aid and will have excess funds after all of their obligations are paid on their student account. The maximum amount we loan is $2,000 and there is a non-refundable fee of $25. Please call the Student Accounts office at 503-352-2178 for questions.

Promissory Note for Short Term Loan (DocuSign)  Application deadline is twenty (20) days prior to the first day of the semester.

Questions about Perkins or Health Profession Loans? The Business Office can help you with questions about Perkins Loans and Health Profession Loans. For information on your Perkins loan, you can visit the Heartland ECSI website. For real-time access to your account information, or to make payments, update addresses or sign up for Auto-Draft, visit the Heartland ECSI website. For Perkins deferment or cancelation forms, please see Heartland ECSI website for downloadable forms.

What do I do after I graduate? Update your contact information regularly. If you get married or move, let the loan company know as soon as possible to avoid any confusion.

What if I can't make a payment? Contact Heartland ECSI or

Do I need to sign a promissory note every year? Yes. Please contact the Financial Aid Department.

Important Information about 1098-T


  • Please log into your Student Account Suite and select 1098 ELECTRONIC CONSENT for online delivery of your 1098-T Tax Form, which will be delivered before the end of January 2024.
  • Please log into myAccount to verify your current address is correct for federal tax form reporting.

Important Notes about Form 1098-T and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, including specific instructions for the 1098T form and Publication 970 – Tax Benefits for Education, please visit

Need a Canadian tax form?

If you are a Canadian student and you need a tax form, please fill out the form below and turn it in to the Business Office. If you do not fill out a form, you will not receive a Canadian tax form.

Canadian Tax Form (pdf)