Finance & Administration

The Finance & Administration team is led by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The office's primary responsibility is the University's financial management including reporting and monitoring of business functions. In addition, the Finance & Administration team provides support, financial reports and analysis to the campus community, the President's Cabinet, and the Board of Trustees. The departments that fall under Finance and Administration include the Budget Office, the Business Office, Facilities Management & Campus Public Safety, Financial AidHuman Resources & Legal Affairs, Purchasing, and University Information Services (UIS). 


Jim Langstraat | Vice President for Finance and Administration 503-352-1621

Jennifer Teeter | Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration 503-352-2258

Bill Ray | Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration 503-352-2786

Susan Pedersen | Director of Budget Operations and Reporting 503-352-2017

Finance & Administration Organizational Chart



Certificates of Insurance Requests:  

After reviewing your contract, the Office of Legal Affairs will determine if a certificate of insurance is needed. For a timely response from the University’s insurance agent and underwriter, we ask that you send contracts/agreements to the Office of Legal Affairs two weeks in advance of your request.

The request form for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is available online. Requests for certificates of insurance should be forwarded to the Executive Assistant to the VP for Finance & Administration for processing.

To obtain a copy of the Verification of Coverage letter and for all other university insurance questions, please contact the Executive Assistant to the VP for Finance & Administration. 




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Finance & Administration
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