University Information Services

Fall Helpdesk Hours
Helpdesk Zoom Meeting (weekdays 8a-5p)
Phone: 503-352-1500 (weekdays 8a-9p,
weekends 10a-9p)
Web help requests: Services Portal


UIS Mission

Support and facilitate the university mission through the effective use of information technology.

UIS Vision

University Information Services will provide a rich, secure and sustainable technology environment to enable individuals to engage current and evolving technologies to advance their academic, research, administrative or service activities. We will work collaboratively with others to design, develop and deploy technology solutions to extend their capabilities, create new efficiencies, achieve their mission and contribute to our students' experience, preparing them to engage the world beyond.

UIS Staff

University Information Services serves the technology needs of all Pacific University students, faculty, staff and alumni across all campuses. Our staff look forward to helping you with your technology needs.


Brandon Gatke
Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

     Rita Barton
     Executive Assistant to the CIO
     Walker Ward  
     Security Analyst

Technical Operations and Enterprise Data Systems

Ted Krupicka
Associate CIO
     Brandon Browning
     Senior Systems & Database Administrator
     Scott Wiesenmeyer
     Network Administrator
     Eric Lambert
     Senior Network Systems Engineer
     David Rosalez
     Network Operations/Telecom Analyst
     David Van Diest
     Windows Systems Administrator
     Peter Morgan
Programmer/Business Analyst
     Dave Morelli
     Enterprise Database Administrator
     Greg Paetzhold
     Enterprise Systems Administrator
     Katie Morgan
     Business Analyst/Project Manager
     Lynn Fenando
     Business Analyst/Programmer


Technology Helpdesk

Brian King
Technology Helpdesk Manager
     Josh Hauser
Senior Helpdesk Specialist
     Bill Carrigan
     Helpdesk Customer Service Supervisor
     Dale Miguel
     Classroom Technology Systems Analyst
     Will Lindauer
     Senior Helpdesk Specialist & Client Management Admin
     Colton Underhill
     Helpdesk Specialist (COO & CHP)
     Leah Blake
     Senior Helpdesk Specialist (CHP)
     Serge Luke
     Helpdesk Specialist

Healthcare Clinic Information Technologies

Ben Stever
Healthcare Information Technology Manager
     Pamela Pietras
     Electronic Health Record Specialist
     Kyle Pestka
     Clinic Technology Systems Analyst                 
     Leah Reed
     EHR Software Applications Specialist