Pacific University Technical Services Catalog

The Pacific University Technical Services Catalog serves as a resource for university leaders who are looking for technical solutions to fill a need.  It lists the various technical solutions currently in use within the university.

Important efficiencies can be achieved by utilizing technologies that are already in use within the university, technologies for which expertise, support structures, security evaluations and licensing options already exist.  On the other hand, selecting new or different technologies for similar needs dilutes UIS' ability to support these solutions and increases the university's total cost of ownership of our technology solutions portfolio.


(Requires PUNet ID and password)


  • Hosting Type: Indicates whether the application and it's data resides on Pacific University network resources (on premises) or externally (cloud).  Some systems have components that reside on both (hybrid).
  • UIS SLA: Indicates the level of UIS support for the application.  See our Service Level Agreement for Computer Support for more.
    • UIS Core Support: UIS staff is trained on the support and administration of these technologies.  They are considered indispensable for important university business processes and keeping these services operational is UIS' top priority.
    • UIS Standard Support: UIS knowledge of these technologies may be limited and support for them takes second priority over core services.
  • Application Steering Organizational Unit: The group that is responsible for determining the settings and usage policies for the application. 
    • Multi tenant: Applications that are used by more than one group and each group can set their settings independently of the others.
  • Audience: Category indicating the primary users of the application or system.
  • Subject Matter Expert: In the case of certain applications, the position that has the most familiarity with the purpose, use and implementation of the system.
  • Category and Subcategory: General descriptors for the various systems and applications that are in use at Pacific University

Requesting Technology

If you'd like to request that one of the technologies listed in this catalog be integrated into the business processes for your department, or that a new service be evaluated for possible addition to this catalog, please fill out a UIS Project Request Form.

If you'd like to request UIS assistance with a service that you are already using or that is already available to you, contact the Helpdesk.