Work-Study through Pacific University

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is awarded to students by the Office of Financial Aid and is redeemed as wages for work performed in qualifying jobs. Work-Study jobs can be excellent vehicles for gaining skills and experiences to explore your career interests. Students are encouraged to choose jobs that will advance their educational and career goals. Students can find Work-Study jobs readily in almost all departments on campus, and at approved community service partners. View Available Student Jobs HERE.

The student employment procedures have changed significantly this year.  We now do all paperwork processing online via a tool called Paycom.  From applying to jobs, through hiring and even timecards & paychecks are all managed from this new comprehensive system. Please know that all NEW hires will need to complete the Federal W4 & I9 forms. The federal I9 form requires that you show us an original identification form (no photos or copies accepted).  The most common ID forms accepted are social security card, US birth certificate or US Passport, but see the complete list on the I9 form itself.  For more details about the program, review the Student Work-Study Manual, and visit the Career Development Center.

Find and apply for all available Work-Study positions online at

Work Study jobs are available all year long, however the community service positions only hire until late October every Fall. 

Check our our 2018-2019 Community Service Work-Study Partners websites:


Contact Us

Erin Robbins | Administrative Assistant & Work-Study Coordinator
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Melissa Vieira | Internship & Community Service Work-Study Coordinator
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Stacie Englund | Assistant Director of Financial Aid 
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