Disability Services at Pacific University are coordinated by the Learning Support Services for Student with Disabilities office (LSS)

LSS will be making a name change over the Summer (2019).  Please stay tuned.

Learning Support Services for Students with Disabilities (LSS) is located on Pacific University's Forest Grove campus in Clark Hall, rooms 226 and 227A.  LSS at Pacific University coordinates educational accommodations for students with a documented disability. Disabilities may be physical or learning related, and may be permanent or temporary.

LSS uploads Faculty and Housing Accommodation Notifications on behalf of our students to Confidential Folders.  In order to receive email notifications for your folder, please setup Email Settings on BOX LSS Confidential Folders

Academic standards require qualified documentation to receive accommodation. Students are responsible for furnishing this documentation to the university through LSS.

To help them succeed, Pacific University welcomes students to be forthcoming about their status and needs at any time.  Visit our Getting Started page for more information.  

Kim Garrett, MRC

Kim Garrett | LSS Director
kjgarrett_mrc@pacificu.edu | 503-352-2171 Forest Grove, Clark Hall, Room 227A

Kim is a Rehabilitation Counselor with 25 years of experience in working with individuals with disabilities. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology (1986) and her Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling (1990) from Arkansas State University. She has worked in Mental Health, Workers’ Compensation and State Vocational Rehabilitation.
Gratia Minor

Gratia Minor | LSS Administrative Assistant
gminor@pacificu.edu | 503-352-2274   Forest Grove, Clark Hall, Room 226

Gratia graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (2001) from Whitworth University and her Masters of Arts in Education (2012) from Portland State University. She worked as a Learning Skills Specialist & Academic Advisor at Portland Community College for 13 years before coming to Pacific University in 2015.