The CSS Start-Up

Our Forest Grove campus dining hall has successfully implemented a commercial composting program that applies to all students that eat in the dining hall. They have collaborated with Washington County waste specialists to identify products and procedures that are permitted by the commercial business and increase the amount of food waste that can be diverted from the waste stream.

The Center for a Sustainable Society is working to initiate a composting program that is simple and effective, while educating students on why composting important. We will be collaborating with our dining services and facilities management to adapt their composting methods to our own residential program, with the hope of expansion into the whole campus.

How Students Can Get Involved

In the spring of 2015, Pacific students developed a pilot composting program in one of the residence halls on campus. It was completely student run and almost everyone participated. The program is simple and requires minimal effort from each student. Each room has two buckets to fill with compost, and once one was full, all they had to do was drop the full bucket off at a central collection station, and grab a new, clean one. This same method will be used in our new composting program with the exception that students will line the buckets with new compostable bags that have been certified for commercial processing and take the bags to the trash room.

Student workers from the Center for a Sustainable Society, or a sustainability coordinator in the residence halls, will then cart the bags over to the big commercial compost bin in the back of the University Center-Washburne Hall, which is used by dining services for their compost program.

Students can get involved by actively participating and composting their food waste in the dinning hall and in their residence halls. This project will start out in the residence halls with full kitchens on the North-side of campus. The Center for a Sustainable Society will be working to find ways to expand the program to South-side of campus and into office buildings/classrooms. We will also be continuously educating students on how to properly compost and recycle to reduce the waste stream that goes into the landfills.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project or any further information, please stop by the Center for a Sustainable Society in Scott Hall 201.