COVID-19 Information

**Composting in the resident halls has been put on pause due to issues surrounding COVID-19. The CSS is currently working on getting this program back up and running. If you have any questions or concerns please email or Ezra Pira at


The CSS Start-Up

Our Forest Grove campus dining hall has successfully implemented a commercial composting program that applies to all students that eat in the dining hall. They have collaborated with Washington County waste specialists to identify products and procedures that are permitted by the commercial business and increase the amount of food waste that can be diverted from the waste stream.

The Center for a Sustainable Society has initiated a composting program that is simple and effective, while simultaneously educating students on why composting is important.

Pacific's new residential composting program was developed in the 2017-2018 Academic year. As of 2019, the program is only available in Burlingham and Gilbert Residence Halls. We developed this program based on previous work in 2015-16, however, this new program is more efficient and cleaner. We collaborated with the dining services and use their composting resources to provide the residential composting system with a more hygienic food waste disposal option. 

The actual process is quite simple. At the beginning of each year, students receive a single bucket. The bucket is 2.5 gallons and comes with a gamma lid to seal everything within the bucket. The students also receive a green compostable bag (one that is accepted by the commercial composting business) that fits nicely in the bucket. Every 5 days, or when the bag is full, students will tie off the top of their bags and bring it to the designated trash bin located in the trash room of each floor. Each week a sustainability coordinator will come through the halls and collect all the food waste and bring it to the 40-yard bin used by dining services. This bin is located in the back of the University Center.

How Students Can Get Involved

At the beginning of the semester, the Center for a Sustainable Society collaborates with Residence Life and Residence Assistants to provide an education session. Each apartment receives a copy of the process for students to reference throughout the year and tips and tricks to help with changes in behavior that lead to abundant food waste.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project or any further information, please stop by the Center for a Sustainable Society in Pacific Hall 10, or reach out to our staff member Ezra Pira at