Research & Education | Sustainability

Students can choose a number of great majors:

The Applied Sustainability majors combine the fundamentals of ecology and permaculture with social sciences and humanities as they seek solutions to complex global challenges. We emphasize hands-on learning. Students study and practice ecological design at permaculture sites near campus, including Pacific University’s own Boxer Gardens, a learning lab for food production and permaculture.

The Environmental Studies students who complete this program gain a deep understanding of their concentration area in economics, history, philosophy or politics and government, informed by a complementary study of environmental issues.

Students complete a structured thesis process within their area of concentration and build an undergraduate foundation for graduate study in fields such as environmental law or public policy.

Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology students study a cross-section of sciences as they prepare for careers in pharmacy, toxicology and environmental chemistry. All students design and conduct an independent research project in collaboration with faculty. 

Environmental Biology is designed for students who are interested in science and want to apply their studies to addressing environmental problems. The curriculum is heavy on field-based coursework in the forest, streams, grasslands and wetlands surrounding Pacific University. Projects include ecological restoration, species conservation and the development of land-use recommendations for regional land owners.