Sustainable Building

Pacific University has made a commitment to "grow green" by working to LEED-certification for all new buildings.

LEED ratings include certified, silver, gold or platinum. Pacific has seven LEED-certified buildings.


The Pacific University Library in Forest Grove, built in 2005, was the first LEED-certified building on any of Pacific’s campuses.

Berglund Hall, Burlingham Hall, and Gilbert Hall in Forest Grove, and Creighton Hall and Building 2 in Hillsboro went on to earn LEED-gold certification.

LEED-certified buildings now represent 41 percent of the university’s total floor area. Work is underway to reduce energy consumption in existing buildings that are yet to be LEED certified, with a goal of bringing those buildings to LEED energy standards and beyond.

Building Upgrades

On campus, several builidings have undergone upgrades that aid the university lower emission outputs.

Marsh Hall's old broiler worked with 70% efficiency and has now been replaced with a new one that works at 97% condensing efficiency.

Stoller Center was upgraded in 2015 to make the building more sustainable.

Throughout 2016, upgrades to the light systems and the roof have been made to Pacific Hall. 

The overall goal  is to have Pacific University's emission levels drop by 30% purely from upgrades across campus.