Our Alumni | Center for Sustainable Society

Priscilla Rader - Class of 2012

Priscilla Rader graduated with her JD from Lewis and Clark Law School last year, but realized that she wanted to use her legal expertise in a unique way. Rather than becoming an attorney, she got a job working for the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), a non-profit organization that protects the lives and advances the interests of animals through the legal system. Rader’s position at ALDF is Education Coordinator. 

As Education Coordinator, she manages education initiatives for many different groups including attorneys, law students and the general public. She works on many projects, but some of her most recent have included designing an online animal law summer school series, creating Continuing Legal Education courses for attorneys, arranging conferences and running mentorship programs. All of Rader’s education initiatives are geared toward animal law which often crosses into environmental law. This can include addressing climate change, factory farms, wildlife management and many other issues which have profound influences on the environment. She also has worked in educating people about the “Ag-gag” Laws. This controversial set of laws prevents people from obtaining undercover footage from factory farms including those that notoriously abuse animal rights and negatively impact the environment.

Isabella Barcellona - Class of 2016

Barcellona is a member of Americorps through Confluence Environmental Center, a Portland non-profit organization that works for environmental justice. She is stationed with Washington County as a waste outreach reduction specialist and has earned her Master Recycler certification. Currently she is working on two large scale projects.

Her first project is the “Multi-Family Project”. Her job is to go to multi-family living communities and make sure they have the proper recycling services, meet with property managers to figure out how recycling services are being used and find areas that could use improvement. She then plans outreach events or items for these communities. Most recently she designed a reusable recycling bag with printed recycling instructions on it to meet a certain community’s needs. Her other big project, “Eat Smart- Waste Less”, focuses on decreasing food waste. It involves going around to different community groups and teaching proper food storage, how to save money with grocery purchases, tips for eating smarter and healthier, and practical ways to decrease how much food is disposed of. Most recently she has put on programs for a girl scout troop, the Tigard Rotary Breakfast Club, and the Muslim Temple’s high school program.

Maya Knowles - Class of 2012

Knowles graduated from Pacific with a degree in Biology and then went on to study Environmental Studies at James Cook University in Queensland Australia. She now works as an environmental biology educator  for Down Under Cruise and Dive, a company based out of Queensland.

Her job consists of guiding Great Barrier Reef snorkel and semi-submersible boat tours for up to 160 people per day. On these tours she identifies natives species of plants and animals and the roles they play in the environment. She also provides commentary about the Great Barrier Reef as a system, its size, how it was formed, what species comprise it and how humans are impacting it. She also educates people about corals, their symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae and the current environmental impacts of coral bleaching.

Nalani Antonio - Class of 2016

Antonio graduated in 2016 with her degree in environmental toxicology. Since then she has been working at an analytical food and water laboratory in Hawaii. Food, agricultural and other companies come to the laboratory to test for food, drink and wastewater safety. She currently is in charge of running both microbiological and chemical tests including analysis of total coliform, E. Coli, listeria, salmonella, BOD, TSS, TDS, and heavy metals as well as many others. She then reports the results of the analyses to the companies to help them understand if they are meeting FDA and EPA standards as well as counsel them in areas where they could improve.

Mary Corey - Class of 2014

Corey graduated from Pacific in 2014. She currently works as office manager for Lower Nehalem Community Trust (LNCT), a non-profit land trust on the Oregon coast. By acquiring small parcels, habitats are protected and fragmentation is avoided — providing corridors for species to roam safely. The elk herds that are native to the northern coast of Oregon are a prime example of one group this work benefits. Mary Corey has also become interested in a local organization: Rockaway Beach Citizens for Clean Air and Water. She admires this grassroots effort for its passion to inform the general public of changes that are needed to protect the watershed, public health, and well being of ecosystems in the Rockaway Beach area.