Diversity | School of Graduate Psychology

At Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology, diversity, equity, and inclusion are centered at the heart of our mission. As such, we value and honor diverse experiences and perspectives, and strive to create respectful and welcoming learning environments.


The School of Graduate Psychology is committed to realizing our diversity mission through didactic offerings, curricular activities, committees/organizations, and events. We encourage students, faculty, and staff members to be active participants by becoming involved in sponsored activities and student-led organizations that promote diversity. We organize events such as our Annual Diversity Conference, faculty diversity trainings, and forums to promote diversity awareness and competency. We participate in the annual Portland Pride Parade, and other community events. Diversity events are designed to encourage the SGP community to engage in dialogue regarding diversity-related current affairs, support clinical work with diverse populations, and promote advocacy and engagement. We invite you to learn more about our diversity program, organizations, and activities.

Diversity Committee

Faculty and students across our three programs serve on the Diversity Committee.