STEM & Health Professions Advantage Scholars Programs

The Pacific University Advantage Scholars Program offers students rigorous preparation for careers in the STEM and health professions through a combination of coursework, advising, observational hours, experiential learning opportunities such as internships, research, and clinical work, and assistance with the graduate school application process. See Program Requirements for additional information. 

Program Highlights

  • Advantage course series:
    • PACU 190: Advantage: Pathways to Professions
    • PACU 290: Advantage: Experiential Development
    • PACU 390: Advantage: Grad School Applications
  • Early exposure to various STEM and healthcare careers, including pathways to prepare to enter these careers. Guest speakers will discuss opportunities and challenges, as well as educational and other requirements for various healthcare careers.
  • A hands-on learning approach. Advantage Scholars are encouraged to gain experience through internship, experiential learning, observational hours, and research opportunities.
  • Pre-professional advising through in-depth guidance from a professional or faculty advisor and Advantage career advisor including assistance in developing academic plans consistent with student goals.
  • Assistance with professional program and job applications from the Academic & Career Advising Center and Advantage Advisor. Get advice and support with preparation of resumes, applications, admissions essays, and requests for scholarships, assistantships, and grants for graduate school.
  • A strong, academically competitive liberal arts education. Pacific’s core curriculum offers the advantages of a broad-based education. This enhances a student’s ability to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills which will prepare the student academically for the rigors of professional school and careers.


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